Monday, April 20, 2020

Return to the Pod Room and Reefer Madness

Image by Herbal Hemp from Pixabay 
It's our latest installment, and I have returned from Utah, we have returned to the pod room, and we unpack the lies and deceit that led to the outlaw of marihuana, aka Mary Jane, aka reefer, the devil's lettuce, etc.

With Love From Utah

Yep, I'm back from my Utah trip. And, before you go off on my for "traveling" it was necessary travel that we'd been putting off for a while. 

My father-in-law gifted us, (hubby and me) a car. Mine was trying to give out, and before we were completely without transportation, he swooped in with a perfectly good vehicle that has saved my our desert-living lives.

Utah is a gorgeous place. I saw more FLDS people in person than I'd ever seen. Ever. I just wanted to grab those women and girls and say, "Come with me. I'll take you to California. You don't have to marry the profit." But, they'd probably look at me like I was an alien with three heads, so...

Meanwhile Back in the Pod Room

The chickens have been relocated to outside. Thank you, Jesus!

Aside from the risk of salmonella, and the light wafting of chicken essence, we were glad to be back. Our alternatives were few, and the crotch goblins can be hard to avoid when we're all in the same space during recording.

So thank heaven for small blessings.

All that's left to do is soundproof that bytch and put a lock on the door. Oh, by the way, have you visited our Patreon page yet? Check it out, and feel free to become a patron. We love our patrons!

Reefer Madness

In this week's episode, Sunni takes us on a journey of the history of prejudice against the cannabis plant and its applications.

From rope to clean fuel sources to construction materials, cannabis plants have a wealth of uses. 5000 to be exact. 

But of course, the rich, old, white men in charge did what they do best and put the kibosh on that. Since they had no stake in the cannabis industry, and instead of getting in on the ground floor, they put cannabis farmers out of business. Bastards!

They left a legacy for you and me, of fearmongering, prejudice and self-shame because the world adopted their inaccurate, blatantly false views on cannabis and the people who use it. So now, we and our children have to overcome stereotypes and bullshit ideas behind their greed and lies.

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Anyway, this COVID-19 shit still has us social distancing. So do your best to stay safe and healthy. And, until next time.

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