Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Guardianship Fraud and That Bitch April Parks

The woman who ruined the lives of hundreds of seniors, April Parks, laughs as she thinks she' going to get away with this shit.

Once again we convene in the pod room to talk about a lying bitch who ruined hundreds of people's lives.

Still on COVID-19 lockdown, but podcasts are considered essential in California so we continue to do what we do. As more than half the states have begun to re-open, it seems our stay at home order has been extended until May 30. So, the day drinking continues for many of those who can't go to work or don't have more pressing matters to attend to.

I to shows staring women of color that made me happy to watch.

Sunni gardened and was visited by the spirit fairy.

Disgusting Elderly Abuse and Fraud

This week we discuss April Parks. The succubus of Las Vegas. Or at least, that's what I'm calling her.

Imagine having someone come and kidnap your parents, or loved ones. You have no idea where they are and begin a frantic search for them. Meanwhile, some dickhead has usurped their finances, taken away their autonomy, and placed them in a facility where they know no one and are drugged day and night.

That's what happened to the people April Parks targeted.

She and her network of scumbags overtook the lives of senior citizens for financial gain, often leaving them destitute and with no one one their side to fight for them.

Sunni tells the story of a single man bereft with grief and an elderly couple whose rights were stripped from them  by April and her shitty co-conspirators and the like.

The only thing saving grace of these week's subject is that some laws have been changed and a couple of people got a little bit of justice. But the whole situation is garbage, and people who commit financial crimes against seniors, especially when it involves this type of negligence and abuse, can go straight to hell!

Until next week, don't get scammed.