Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Finally A Blog!

Characters from the movie American Hustle

Yes! We finally have a blog.

It should've happened already, but since I feel like we have more time now--social distancing and all. But Sunni pretty much does all the podcast stuff, so I had to put my two cents in and get to typing. I mean really. (Pull your weight, bitch!)

So the blog posts will typically be written by yours truly -- Brandi.

With all the doom and gloom on the news lately, we feel like the podcast just isn't enough time to get all the thoughts out. So, here we are with additional content for ya.

How are excited are you?

But, first, onto this week's episode.

American Hustle

This week, Sunni elected to discuss the movie "American Hustle" starring a whole lot of celebrities doing fucked up shit to each other.

This movie was a hit at the box office, that won a whole bunch of awards. Yet, it took home no Oscars, although it was nominated. Oh well, lots of movies and people are robbed during Oscar season. Maybe we should discuss the shadiness of the Academy in a future episode?  (Comment if you want that.)

During this episode we discussed Bradley Cooper's perm, Amy Adams' fake English accent, Jennifer Lawrence playing an unstable wife, Jeremy Renner as an unwitting politician who was duped into dirty deeds, and the ever-welcome Robert DeNiro playing a gangster.

But the bottom line is the FBI frames people. And, FBI, if you're reading this--I SEE YOU!


It wouldn't be fair for me not to mention the state of the world in our first blog post.

If you've been under a rock in recent months, or like Jared Leto, fell off the earth for a minute and hadn't heard the news, the world is under attack. A virus has struck fear into the hearts of earthlings. So much so that they all shit themselves and had to run out and buy up all the toilet paper.

Those of us who didn't hit the stores and hoard all the essentials, are listening and following the guidelines that the Center for Disease Control put forth. The CDC said to shelter in place, practice social distancing, and do go to crowded places unless it's absolutely necessary.

In other words, avoid groups of people larger than 10, unless they're your immediate family.

Lucky for me, that's my natural state. But for some others, they're losing their shit. 🤷

We're doing what we can. We push on because we know this will pass. But, damn 2020 got off to a shitty start. 

This might go down as the worst year in the 2000's to date. No--not might. It is. Bar none. Including the crash of 2008. Which we discuss with KT and OTI of For Your Reference in their The Big Short Episode.

But, this virus is claiming lives, and making people act like utter assholes. 

So we at Book of Lies Podcast want to offer you a few ideas on how to ride this thing out. Especially if you're a high-anxiety person.

Ways to Cope During the Coronavirus Crisis

No, we are not mental health professionals, but we have our share of tips and tricks. For official ones hit the CDC website
  • Journal and free writing
  • Start a garden
  • Dive into a new hobby...soap making, anyone?
  • Read or listen to some uplifting books (i suggest "Manifest Now" by Idil Ahmed) 
  • Binge watch a show (The Office, Bojack Horseman, Daria)
  • Tackle your spring cleaning...(a clean space can help reduce anxiety, improve productivity...)
  • Help the people you know who are high-risk (they can't get out and shop for themselves the way you can. And it feels good to help)
  • Start a planner...(I'm obsessed with The Happy Planner, I love it and all the stickers available
Do you have healthy ways you're managing your stress and anxiety? We'd love to hear about'em. 

What else...

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And until, next week. Dont' get scammed.

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